Developer Guide

Bokeh is an open source project and we love having new contributors. Hopefully, you will find all the information you need in the following pages, linked below and in the sidebar to the left. If not, please contact the developers with any questions.

The software development process for Bokeh is outlined in Bokeh Enhancement Proposal 1. All changes, enhancements, and bugfixes should generally go through the process outlined there.

The process for creating, distributing, and announcing final releases of Bokeh is outlined in Bokeh Enhancement Proposal 2.

Getting Set Up

Installation of everything needed to be able to develop Bokeh and BokehJS.

Environment Variables

Environment settings useful for testing and debugging Bokeh.


Local and continuous integration testing infrastructure.


Style guide and best practices for authoring documentation for Bokeh.

Bokeh Models

Overview of Bokeh’s declarative model system for interfacing with BokehJS.

Server Architecture

Architecture and implementation notes for the Bokeh server.

Language Bindings

Guidance for integrating Bokeh into other languages.


Information specific to developing BokehJS.