Source code for bokeh.models.map_plots

''' Models for displaying maps in Bokeh plots.

from __future__ import absolute_import

from ..core.enums import MapType
from ..core.has_props import abstract
from import Bool, Enum, Float, Instance, Int, JSON, Override, String
from ..core.validation import error, warning
from ..core.validation.warnings import MISSING_RENDERERS
from ..model import Model
from .plots import Plot

[docs]@abstract class MapOptions(Model): ''' Abstract base class for map options' models. ''' lat = Float(help=""" The latitude where the map should be centered. """) lng = Float(help=""" The longitude where the map should be centered. """) zoom = Int(12, help=""" The initial zoom level to use when displaying the map. """)
[docs]@abstract class MapPlot(Plot): ''' Abstract base class for map plot models. ''' def __init__(self, *args, **kw): from ..models.ranges import Range1d for r in ('x_range', 'y_range'): if r in kw and not isinstance(kw.get(r), Range1d): raise ValueError('Invalid value for %r, MapPlot ranges may only be Range1d, not data ranges' % r) super(MapPlot, self).__init__(*args, **kw) @error(INCOMPATIBLE_MAP_RANGE_TYPE) def _check_incompatible_map_range_type(self): from ..models.ranges import Range1d if self.x_range is not None and not isinstance(self.x_range, Range1d): return "%s.x_range" % str(self) if self.y_range is not None and not isinstance(self.y_range, Range1d): return "%s.y_range" % str(self)
[docs]class GMapOptions(MapOptions): ''' Options for GMapPlot objects. ''' map_type = Enum(MapType, default="roadmap", help=""" The `map type`_ to use for the GMapPlot. .. _map type: """) scale_control = Bool(default=False, help=""" Whether the Google map should display its distance scale control. """) styles = JSON(help=""" A JSON array of `map styles`_ to use for the GMapPlot. Many example styles can `be found here`_. .. _map styles: .. _be found here: """)
[docs]class GMapPlot(MapPlot): ''' A Bokeh Plot with a `Google Map`_ displayed underneath. Data placed on this plot should be specified in decimal lat/lon coordinates e.g. ``(37.123, -122.404)``. It will be automatically converted into the web mercator projection to display properly over google maps tiles. Please also note that only ``Range1d`` ranges are supported by ``GMapPlot``. .. _Google Map: ''' # TODO (bev) map plot might not have these @error(REQUIRED_RANGE) def _check_required_range(self): pass @warning(MISSING_RENDERERS) def _check_missing_renderers(self): pass @error(MISSING_GOOGLE_API_KEY) def _check_missing_google_api_key(self): if self.api_key is None: return str(self) map_options = Instance(GMapOptions, help=""" Options for displaying the plot. """) border_fill_color = Override(default="#ffffff") api_key = String(help=""" Google Maps API requires an API key. See for more information on how to obtain your own. """)