Source code for bokeh.util.browser

''' Utility functions for helping with operations involving browsers.

from __future__ import absolute_import

from os.path import abspath
import webbrowser

from ..settings import settings

[docs]class DummyWebBrowser(object): ''' A "no-op" web-browser controller. '''
[docs] def open(self, url, new=0, autoraise=True): ''' Receive standard arguments and take no action. ''' pass
[docs]def get_browser_controller(browser=None): ''' Return a browser controller. Args: browser (str or None) : browser name, or ``None`` (default: ``None``) If passed the string ``'none'``, a dummy web browser controller is returned Otherwise, use the value to select an appropriate controller using the ``webbrowser`` standard library module. In the value is ``None`` then a system default is used. .. note:: If the environment variable ``BOKEH_BROWSER`` is set, it will take precedence. Returns: controller : a web browser controller ''' browser = settings.browser(browser) if browser is not None: if browser == 'none': controller = DummyWebBrowser() else: controller = webbrowser.get(browser) else: controller = webbrowser return controller
[docs]def view(location, browser=None, new="same", autoraise=True): ''' Open a browser to view the specified location. Args: location (str) : Location to open If location does not begin with "http:" it is assumed to be a file path on the local filesystem. browser (str or None) : what browser to use (default: None) If ``None``, use the system default browser. new (str) : How to open the location. Valid values are: ``'same'`` - open in the current tab ``'tab'`` - open a new tab in the current window ``'window'`` - open in a new window autoraise (bool) : Whether to automatically raise the location in a new browser window (default: True) Returns: None ''' try: new = { "same": 0, "window": 1, "tab": 2 }[new] except KeyError: raise RuntimeError("invalid 'new' value passed to view: %r, valid values are: 'same', 'window', or 'tab'" % new) if location.startswith("http"): url = location else: url = "file://" + abspath(location) try: controller = get_browser_controller(browser), new=new, autoraise=autoraise) except (SystemExit, KeyboardInterrupt): raise except: pass