Source code for bokeh.util.logconfig

""" Configure the logging system for Bokeh.

By default, logging is not configured, to allow users of Bokeh to have full
control over logging policy. However, it is useful to be able to enable
logging arbitrarily during when developing Bokeh. This can be accomplished
by setting the environment variable ``BOKEH_PY_LOG_LEVEL``. Valid values are,
in order of increasing severity:

  - ``debug``
  - ``info``
  - ``warn``
  - ``error``
  - ``fatal``
  - ``none``

The default logging level is ``none``.
from __future__ import absolute_import

import logging
import sys

from ..settings import settings

level = settings.py_log_level()
bokeh_logger = logging.getLogger('bokeh')
root_logger = logging.getLogger()

if level is not None:

if not (root_logger.handlers or bokeh_logger.handlers):
    # No handlers configured => at least add a printer to sys.stderr for
    # Bokeh warnings to be displayed
    default_handler = logging.StreamHandler(sys.stderr)
    # Avoid printing out twice if the root logger is later configured
    # by user.
    bokeh_logger.propagate = False
    default_handler = None

[docs]def basicConfig(*args, **kwargs): """ A logging.basicConfig() wrapper that also undoes the default Bokeh-specific configuration. """ if default_handler is not None: bokeh_logger.removeHandler(default_handler) bokeh_logger.propagate = True return logging.basicConfig(*args, **kwargs)