Source code for bokeh.util.options

""" Utilities for specifying, validating, and documenting configuration

from ..core.has_props import HasProps

[docs]class Options(HasProps): ''' Leverage the Bokeh properties type system for specifying and validating configuration options. Subclasses of ``Options`` specify a set of configuration options using standard Bokeh properties: .. code-block:: python class ConnectOpts(Options): host = String(default="", help="a host value") port = Int(default=5590, help="a port value") Then a ``ConnectOpts`` can be created by passing a dictionary containing keys and values corresponding to the configuration options, as well as any additional keys and values. The items corresponding to the properties on ``ConnectOpts`` will be ***removed*** from the dictionary. This can be useful for functions that accept their own set of config keyword arguments in addition to some set of Bokeh model properties. ''' def __init__(self, kw=None): # remove any items that match our declared properties props = {} for k in if k in kw: props[k] = kw.pop(k) super(Options, self).__init__(**props)