The sampledata module can be used to download data sets used in Bokeh examples.

The simplest way to download the data is to use the execute the command line program:

bokeh sampledata

Alternatively, the download function described below may be called programmatically.

>>> import bokeh.sampledata

By default, data is downloaded and stored to a directory $HOME/.bokeh/data. This directory will be created if it does not already exist.

Bokeh also looks for a YAML configuration file at $HOME/.bokeh/config. The YAML key sampledata_dir can be set to the absolute path of a directory where the data should be stored. For example, add the following line to the config file:

sampledata_dir: /tmp/bokeh_data

This will cause the sample data to be stored in /tmp/bokeh_data.

download(progress: bool = True)None[source]

Download larger data sets for various Bokeh examples.