Supporting objects and functions to convert Matplotlib objects into Bokeh.

to_bokeh(fig=None, use_pandas=True, xkcd=False)

Uses bokeh to display a Matplotlib Figure.

You can store a bokeh plot in a standalone HTML file, as a document in a Bokeh plot server, or embedded directly into an IPython Notebook output cell.

  • fig (matplotlib.figure.Figure) – The figure to display. If None or not specified, then the current figure will be used.
  • name (str (default=None)) – If this option is provided, then the Bokeh figure will be saved into this HTML file, and then a web browser will be used to display it.
  • server (str (default=None)) – Fully specified URL of bokeh plot server. Default bokeh plot server URL is “http://localhost:5006” or simply “default”
  • notebook (bool (default=False)) – Return an output value from this function which represents an HTML object that the IPython notebook can display. You can also use it with a bokeh plot server just specifying the URL.
  • use_pandas (bool (default=True)) – The implementation should try to use Pandas for processing datetime data (if it is installed). Set to False to plot the datetime xaxis with other non-pandas interfaces.
  • xkcd (bool (default=False)) – If this option is True, then the Bokeh figure will be saved with a xkcd style.