0.10.0 (Sep 2015)

This release was focused into provide several new features such as webgl support, a new refactored and more powerful chart interface and responsive plots. But we are also shipping a lot of bugfixes and enhancements in our documentation, testing and build machineries and examples.

  • Initial webgl support (check our new examples: maps city, iris blend, scatter 10K, clustering.py)
  • New charts interface supporting aggregation (see our new Bars, BoxPlot, Histogram and Scatter examples)
  • Responsive plots
  • Lower-level jsresources & cssresources (allow more subtle uses of resources)
  • Several test machinery fixes
  • Several build machinery enhancements
  • More pytest-related fixes and enhancements
  • More docs fixes and enhancements
  • Now the glyph methods return the glyph renderer (not the plot)
  • Gmap points moves consistently
  • Added alpha control for imageurl objects
  • Removed python33 testing and packaging
  • Removed multiuserblazeserver

Migration Guide

This release introduced a new, often requested style of chart interface that is centered around Pandas DataFrames. All of “old style” charts in the bokeh.charts interface have been moved to bokeh._legacy_charts, which will eventually be removed, when all charts have been updated. To continue to use the old charts, replace``bokeh.charts`` with bokeh._legacy_charts, e.g.:

from bokeh.charts import Area


from bokeh._legacy_charts import Area