0.11.1 (Feb 2016)

This release was focused on providing bug fixes, small features, and documentation improvements from the Jan 2016 0.11.0 release. Highlights include:

  • settings and documentation for Bokeh server behind an SSL terminated proxy
  • bugfixes:
    • MultiSelect works
    • Oval legend renders correctly
    • Plot title orientation setting works
    • Annulus glyph works on IE/Edge
  • features:
    • preview of new streaming API in OHLC demo
    • undo/redo tool add, reset tool now resets plot size
    • “bokeh static” and “bokeh sampledata” commands
    • can now create Bokeh apps directly from Jupyter Notebooks
    • headers and content type now configurable on AjaxDataSource

Additionally some internal work has started to refactor and clean up BokehJS to bring the class and file structure into closer alignment with the Bokeh python library.

Migration notes:

  • Range update callbacks now return the range object as cb_obj (not the plot)
  • Layouts (HBox, VBox, VBoxForm) have been moved from bokeh.models.widgets to bokeh.models.layouts, but continue to be importable from bokeh.models
  • BlazeDataSource has been removed; it will be maintained by the Blaze team in the future.
  • The broken BokehJS API has been removed. We are actively seeking a champion/maintainer for a new BokehJS API.