Provide a Bokeh Application Handler to build up documents by running the code from Python script (.py) files.

This handler is configured with the filename of a Python module. When a Bokeh application calls modify_doc, the contents of the module are run to process a new Document for a session. When the script code is executed, the Document being modified will be available as curdoc, and any optionally provided args will be available as sys.argv.

As an example, consider the following Python module


import sys

from import cudoc
from bokeh.plotting import figure

p = figure(x_range=(10, 10), y_range=(10, 10), title=sys.argv[1])


The a ScriptHandler configured with this script will modify new Bokeh Documents by adding an empty plot with a title taken from args.

class ScriptHandler(*, filename: PathLike, argv: list[str] = [], package: ModuleType | None = None)[source]#

Modify Bokeh documents by executing code from Python scripts.

__init__(*, filename: PathLike, argv: list[str] = [], package: ModuleType | None = None) None[source]#

filename (str) : a path to a Python source (“.py”) file