Source code for bokeh.models.tiles

# Copyright (c) 2012 - 2022, Anaconda, Inc., and Bokeh Contributors.
# All rights reserved.
# The full license is in the file LICENSE.txt, distributed with this software.


# Boilerplate
from __future__ import annotations

import logging # isort:skip
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

# Imports

# Bokeh imports
from import (
from ..model import Model

# Globals and constants

__all__ = (

# General API

[docs]class TileSource(Model): ''' A base class for all tile source types. In general, tile sources are used as a required input for ``TileRenderer``. ''' _args = ('url', 'tile_size', 'min_zoom', 'max_zoom', 'extra_url_vars') url = String("", help=""" Tile service url e.g.,{Z}/{X}/{Y}.png """) tile_size = Int(default=256, help=""" Tile size in pixels (e.g. 256) """) min_zoom = Int(default=0, help=""" A minimum zoom level for the tile layer. This is the most zoomed-out level. """) max_zoom = Int(default=30, help=""" A maximum zoom level for the tile layer. This is the most zoomed-in level. """) extra_url_vars = Dict(String, Any, help=""" A dictionary that maps url variable template keys to values. These variables are useful for parts of tile urls which do not change from tile to tile (e.g. server host name, or layer name). """) attribution = String("", help=""" Data provider attribution content. This can include HTML content. """) x_origin_offset = NonNullable(Float, help=""" An x-offset in plot coordinates """) y_origin_offset = NonNullable(Float, help=""" A y-offset in plot coordinates """) initial_resolution = Nullable(Float, help=""" Resolution (plot_units / pixels) of minimum zoom level of tileset projection. None to auto-compute. """)
[docs]class MercatorTileSource(TileSource): ''' A base class for Mercator tile services (e.g. ``WMTSTileSource``). ''' _args = ('url', 'tile_size', 'min_zoom', 'max_zoom', 'x_origin_offset', 'y_origin_offset', 'extra_url_vars', 'initial_resolution') x_origin_offset = Override(default=20037508.34) y_origin_offset = Override(default=20037508.34) initial_resolution = Override(default=156543.03392804097) snap_to_zoom = Bool(default=False, help=""" Forces initial extents to snap to the closest larger zoom level.""") wrap_around = Bool(default=True, help=""" Enables continuous horizontal panning by wrapping the x-axis based on bounds of map. ..note:: Axis coordinates are not wrapped. To toggle axis label visibility, use ``plot.axis.visible = False``. """)
[docs]class TMSTileSource(MercatorTileSource): ''' Contains tile config info and provides urls for tiles based on a templated url e.g. ``{Z}/{X}/{Y}.png``. The defining feature of TMS is the tile-origin in located at the bottom-left. ``TMSTileSource`` can also be helpful in implementing tile renderers for custom tile sets, including non-spatial datasets. ''' pass
[docs]class WMTSTileSource(MercatorTileSource): ''' Behaves much like ``TMSTileSource`` but has its tile-origin in the top-left. This is the most common used tile source for web mapping applications. Such companies as Google, MapQuest, Stamen, Esri, and OpenStreetMap provide service which use the WMTS specification e.g. ``{Z}/{X}/{Y}.png``. ''' pass
[docs]class QUADKEYTileSource(MercatorTileSource): ''' Has the same tile origin as the ``WMTSTileSource`` but requests tiles using a `quadkey` argument instead of X, Y, Z e.g. ``{Q}.png`` ''' pass
[docs]class BBoxTileSource(MercatorTileSource): ''' Has the same default tile origin as the ``WMTSTileSource`` but requested tiles use a ``{XMIN}``, ``{YMIN}``, ``{XMAX}``, ``{YMAX}`` e.g. ``http://your.custom.tile.service?bbox={XMIN},{YMIN},{XMAX},{YMAX}``. ''' use_latlon = Bool(default=False, help=""" Flag which indicates option to output ``{XMIN}``, ``{YMIN}``, ``{XMAX}``, ``{YMAX}`` in meters or latitude and longitude. """)
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