Models for mapping values from one range or space to another.

class ColorMapper(**kwargs)

Bases: bokeh.model.Model

Base class for color mapper types. ColorMapper` is not generally useful to instantiate on its own.

JSON Prototype
  "id": "0593edcc-9c94-4334-9959-05a64dfeecc4",
  "name": null,
  "tags": []
class LinearColorMapper(palette=None, **kwargs)

Bases: bokeh.models.mappers.ColorMapper

Map numbers in a range [low, high] linearly into a sequence of colors (a palette).

For example, if the range is [0, 99] and the palette is ['red', 'green', 'blue'], the values would be mapped as follows:

      x < 0  : 'red'     # values < low are clamped
 0 >= x < 33 : 'red'
33 >= x < 66 : 'green'
66 >= x < 99 : 'blue'
99 >= x      : 'blue'    # values > high are clamped

property type: high:Float

The maximum value of the range to map into the palette. Values above this are clamped to high.


property type: low:Float

The minimum value of the range to map into the palette. Values below this are clamped to low.


property type: palette:Seq(Color)

A sequence of colors to use as the target palette for mapping.

This property can also be set as a String, to the name of any of the palettes shown in bokeh.palettes.


property type: reserve_color:Color

Used by Abstract Rendering.


property type: reserve_val:Float

Used by Abstract Rendering.

JSON Prototype
  "high": null,
  "id": "57006a42-6715-46a8-9ed1-f292fe0ea5f3",
  "low": null,
  "name": null,
  "palette": null,
  "reserve_color": "#ffffff",
  "reserve_val": null,
  "tags": []