0.12.1 (Jul 2016)

Bokeh Version 0.12.1 is a minor, incremental update that adds a few new small features and fixes several bugs. Some of the highlights include:

  • Add .patch method to ColumnDataSource for efficient partial updates.
  • Add .visible property to all glyphs for easy on/off capability.
  • Add qualitative Brewer colormapps to bokeh.palettes.
  • Add new VBar and HBar glyph types.
  • Update BokehJS to use use RBush 2.0.1 for more efficient spatial indexing.
  • Restore ResizeTool functionality for simple layouts.
  • Fix Windows support for conda build, docs build, and running unit tests.
  • Fix a bug in the HTML template for autoload_server causing incorrect layouts.
  • Fix a bug in the toolbar CSS, causing it to interfere with hit testing and selection.
  • Fix WebGL support for Safari, and WebGL bug affecting line thickness.
  • Fix intermittent issues with BokehJS loading in Jupyter notebooks.

NOTE: the 0.12.x series is the last planned release series before a version 1.0 release. The focus of the 1.0 release will be implementing build automation to enforce API stability, and a very small number of high value features.