0.12.10 (Oct 2017)

Bokeh Version 0.12.10 is an incremental update that adds a few important features and fixes several bugs. Some of the highlights include:

Many other small bugfixes and docs additions. For full details see the CHANGELOG.

Migration Guide

NOTE: the 0.12.x series is the last planned release series before a version 1.0 release. For more information see the project roadmap.

Deprecations Removed

The following previous deprecations have been removed:

  • app_path from functions in bokeh.client.session and bokeh.embed
  • standalone_html_page_for_models from bokeh.embed
  • 'patch' and 'stream' event names (use 'patching' and 'streaming')
  • webgl, x_mapper_type, y_mapper_type, and tool_events from Plot
  • Glyphs methods now only accept either all sequence literals, OR all column names
  • ResizeTool (previously made a no-op) has been removed

New Deprecations

The boolean responsive parameter to Figure and bokeh.layouts has been deprecated. The sizing_mode enum should be used instead. Use sizing_mode='fixed' for responsive=False and sizing_mode='scale_width' for responsive=True instead.

The function bokeh.sampledata.population.load_population has been deprecated. Use the attribute bokeh.sampledata.population.data instead.

Code Moves

The module bokeh.util.notebook has been deprecated. The functions it contains have been moved to bokeh.io.notebook.

The function bokeh.io.set_curdoc is now bokeh.io.doc.set_curdoc.

Named color objects now live in bokeh.colors.named instead of directly in bokeh.colors. Additionally color utilities such as NamedColor have been moved inside the package, and marked as internal API. Using string names for colors works exactly as before.

Dead Code Removal

The following unused code was removed immediately:

  • Aggregation from bokeh.core.enums
  • PyPy detection functions from bokeh.util
  • Zeppelin related code (support should come from external notebook hook)

Additionally the attribute bokeh.__base_version__ was removed. Computing it at all times made importing Bokeh take substantial fractions of a second longer than necessary. It is not expected this change should affect any users, but if you need this value, the bokeh.util.version.base_version function can be used.