Source code for bokeh.models.callbacks

""" Client-side interactivity. """

from __future__ import absolute_import

from types import FunctionType
from ..model import Model
from ..util.dependencies import import_required
from ..util.compiler import nodejs_compile, CompilationError

from import abstract
from import Dict, Instance, String

[docs]class Callback(Model): """ Base class for interactive callback. ``Callback`` is generally not useful to instantiate on its own."""
[docs]class OpenURL(Callback): """ Open a URL in a new tab or window (browser dependent). """ url = String("http://", help=""" The URL to direct the web browser to. This can be a template string, which will be formatted with data from the data source. """)
[docs]class CustomJS(Callback): """ Execute a JavaScript function. """ @classmethod
[docs] def from_py_func(cls, func): """ Create a CustomJS instance from a Python function. The function is translated to Python using PyScript. """ if not isinstance(func, FunctionType): raise ValueError('CustomJS.from_py_func needs function object.') pyscript = import_required('flexx.pyscript', 'To use Python functions for CustomJS, you need Flexx ' + '("conda install -c bokeh flexx" or "pip install flexx")') # Collect default values default_values = func.__defaults__ # Python 2.6+ default_names = func.__code__.co_varnames[:len(default_values)] args = dict(zip(default_names, default_values)) args.pop('window', None) # Clear window, so we use the global window object # Get JS code, we could rip out the function def, or just # call the function. We do the latter. code = pyscript.py2js(func, 'cb') + 'cb(%s);\n' % ', '.join(default_names) return cls(code=code, args=args)
[docs] def from_coffeescript(cls, code, args={}): """ Create a ``CustomJS`` instance from CoffeeScript code. """ compiled = nodejs_compile(code, lang="coffeescript", file="???") if "error" in compiled: raise CompilationError(compiled.error) else: return cls(code=compiled.code, args=args)
args = Dict(String, Instance(Model), help=""" A mapping of names to Bokeh plot objects. These objects are made available to the callback code snippet as the values of named parameters to the callback. """) code = String(default="", help=""" A snippet of JavaScript code to execute in the browser. The code is made into the body of a function, and all of of the named objects in ``args`` are available as parameters that the code can use. Additionally, a ``cb_obj`` parameter contains the object that triggered the callback and an optional ``cb_data`` parameter that contains any tool-specific data (i.e. mouse coordinates and hovered glyph indices for the HoverTool). .. note:: Use ``CustomJS.from_coffeescript()`` for CoffeeScript source code. """)