Serialization and deserialization utilities.

class Buffer(id: 'ID', data: 'bytes | memoryview')[source]#
class Serialized(content: 'T', buffers: 'list[Buffer] | None' = None)[source]#
class Serializable[source]#

A mixin for making a type serializable.

class Serializer(*, references: set[Model] = {}, deferred: bool = True)[source]#

Convert built-in and custom types into serializable representations. Not all built-in types are supported (e.g., decimal.Decimal due to lacking support for fixed point arithmetic in JavaScript).

class SerializationError[source]#
class Deserializer(references: Sequence[Model] | None = None, *, setter: Setter | None = None)[source]#

Convert from serializable representations to built-in and custom types.

class DeserializationError[source]#