The resources module provides the Resources class for easily configuring how BokehJS code and CSS resources should be located, loaded, and embedded in Bokeh documents.

Additionally, functions for retrieving Subresource Integrity hashes for Bokeh JavaScript files are provided here.

Some pre-configured Resources objects are made available as attributes.


load minified BokehJS from CDN


provide minified BokehJS from library static directory

class Resources(mode: ResourcesMode | None = None, *, version: str | None = None, root_dir: PathLike | None = None, dev: bool | None = None, minified: bool | None = None, log_level: LogLevel | None = None, root_url: str | None = None, path_versioner: PathVersioner | None = None, components: list[Component] | None = None, base_dir: PathLike | None = None)[source]#

The Resources class encapsulates information relating to loading or embedding Bokeh Javascript and CSS.

  • mode (str) –

    how should Bokeh JS and CSS be included in output

    See below for descriptions of available modes

  • version (str, optional) –

    what version of Bokeh JS and CSS to load

    Only valid with the 'cdn' mode

  • root_dir (str, optional) –

    root directory for loading Bokeh JS and CSS assets

    Only valid with 'relative' and 'relative-dev' modes

  • minified (bool, optional) – whether JavaScript and CSS should be minified or not (default: True)

  • root_url (str, optional) –

    URL and port of Bokeh Server to load resources from

    Only valid with 'server' and 'server-dev' modes

The following mode values are available for configuring a Resource object:

  • 'inline' configure to provide entire Bokeh JS and CSS inline

  • 'cdn' configure to load Bokeh JS and CSS from

  • 'server' configure to load from a Bokeh Server

  • 'server-dev' same as server but supports non-minified assets

  • 'relative' configure to load relative to the given directory

  • 'relative-dev' same as relative but supports non-minified assets

  • 'absolute' configure to load from the installed Bokeh library static directory

  • 'absolute-dev' same as absolute but supports non-minified assets

Once configured, a Resource object exposes the following public attributes:


any raw JS that needs to be placed inside <script> tags


any raw CSS that needs to be places inside <style> tags


URLs of any JS files that need to be loaded by <script> tags


URLs of any CSS files that need to be loaded by <link> tags


any informational messages concerning this configuration



These attributes are often useful as template parameters when embedding Bokeh plots.

clone(*, components: list[Component] | None = None) Resources[source]#

Make a clone of a resources instance allowing to override its components.

get_all_sri_versions() tuple[str, ...][source]#

Report all versions that have SRI hashes.



get_sri_hashes_for_version(version: str) dict[str, str][source]#

Report SRI script hashes for a specific version of BokehJS.

Bokeh provides Subresource Integrity hashes for all JavaScript files that are published to CDN for full releases. This function returns a dictionary that maps JavaScript filenames to their hashes, for a single version of Bokeh.


version (str) – The Bokeh version to return SRI hashes for. Hashes are only provided for full releases, e.g “1.4.0”, and not for “dev” builds or release candidates.




ValueError – if the specified version does not exist


The returned dict for a single version will map filenames for that version to their SRI hashes:

    'bokeh-1.4.0.js': 'vn/jmieHiN+ST+GOXzRU9AFfxsBp8gaJ/wvrzTQGpIKMsdIcyn6U1TYtvzjYztkN',
    'bokeh-1.4.0.min.js': 'mdMpUZqu5U0cV1pLU9Ap/3jthtPth7yWSJTu1ayRgk95qqjLewIkjntQDQDQA5cZ',
    'bokeh-api-1.4.0.js': 'Y3kNQHt7YjwAfKNIzkiQukIOeEGKzUU3mbSrraUl1KVfrlwQ3ZAMI1Xrw5o3Yg5V',
    'bokeh-api-1.4.0.min.js': '4oAJrx+zOFjxu9XLFp84gefY8oIEr75nyVh2/SLnyzzg9wR+mXXEi+xyy/HzfBLM',
    'bokeh-tables-1.4.0.js': 'I2iTMWMyfU/rzKXWJ2RHNGYfsXnyKQ3YjqQV2RvoJUJCyaGBrp0rZcWiTAwTc9t6',
    'bokeh-tables-1.4.0.min.js': 'pj14Cq5ZSxsyqBh+pnL2wlBS3UX25Yz1gVxqWkFMCExcnkN3fl4mbOF8ZUKyh7yl',
    'bokeh-widgets-1.4.0.js': 'scpWAebHEUz99AtveN4uJmVTHOKDmKWnzyYKdIhpXjrlvOwhIwEWUrvbIHqA0ke5',
    'bokeh-widgets-1.4.0.min.js': 'xR3dSxvH5hoa9txuPVrD63jB1LpXhzFoo0ho62qWRSYZVdyZHGOchrJX57RwZz8l'
verify_sri_hashes() None[source]#

Verify the SRI hashes in a full release package.

This function compares the computed SRI hashes for the BokehJS files in a full release package to the values in the SRI manifest file. Returns None if all hashes match, otherwise an exception will be raised.


This function can only be called on full release (e.g “1.2.3”) packages.



  • ValueError – If called outside a full release package

  • RuntimeError – If there are missing, extra, or mismatched files