Provide the Override class, for overriding base class property attributes.


This class should normally be imported from instead of directly from this module.

class Override(**kwargs)[source]

Override attributes of Bokeh property in derived Models.

When subclassing a Bokeh Model, it may be desirable to change some of the attributes of the property itself, from those on the base class. This is accomplished using the Override class.

Currently, Override can only be use to override the default value for the property.

Keyword Arguments:
 default (obj) – a default value for this property on a subclass


Consider the following class definitions:

from bokeh.model import Model
from import Int, Override

class Parent(Model):
    foo = Int(default=10)

class Child(Parent):
    foo = Override(default=20)

The parent class has an integer property foo with default value 10. The child class uses the following code:

foo = Override(default=20)

to specify that the default value for the foo property should be 20 on instances of the child class:

>>> p = Parent()

>>> c = Child()