There is a TravisCI project configured to execute on every GitHub push, it can be viewed at: https://travis-ci.org/bokeh/bokeh.

To run the just the python unit tests, run the command:

py.test -m 'not (js or examples)'

To run just the examples, run the command:

py.test -m examples

To run just the BokehJS unit tests, execute:

py.test -m js

Or, in the bokehjs subdirectory of the source checkout.

gulp test

You can run all available tests (python and JS unit tests and example tests) from the top level directory by executing:



Currently this script does not support Windows.

To help the test script choose the appropriate test runner, there are some naming conventions that examples should adhere to. Non-IPython notebook example scripts that rely on the Bokeh server should have ‘server’ or ‘animate’ in their filenames.

To run any of the tests with coverage use the following:

py.test --cov=bokeh

To run any of the tests without standard output captured use:

py.test -s

See the py.test documentation at http://pytest.org/latest/ for further information on py.test and it’s options.