Bokeh can present many kinds of UI widgets alongside plots. When used in conjunction with the Bokeh server, it is possible to trigger events, updates, etc. based on a user’s interaction with these widgets.

class Widget(**kwargs)

Bases: bokeh.plot_object.PlotObject

A base class for all interact widget types. Widget is not generally useful to instantiate on its own.


property type: Bool

Whether the widget will be disabled when rendered. If True, the widget will be greyed-out, and not respond to UI events.

    "attributes": {
      "disabled": false,
      "doc": null,
      "id": "4fc4ba69-8603-4242-9bd1-e92d50dcf47c",
      "name": null,
      "tags": []
    "id": "4fc4ba69-8603-4242-9bd1-e92d50dcf47c",
    "type": "Widget"