0.8.0 (Feb 2015)ΒΆ

This release includes many major new features:

  • New and updated language bindings: R, JavaScript, Julia, Scala, and Lua now available
  • Better bokeh-server experience:
    • live gallery for server apps and examples!
    • new “publish” mode Bokeh plots and apps
    • docs and advice for real-world deployments
  • Simpler and more easily extensible charts architecture, with new Horizon chart
  • Dramatic build and documentation improvements:
    • 100% complete reference guide
    • full docs and BokehJS version deployed for every “dev” build and RC
    • sphinx extensions for easy inline plots
  • Shaded grid bands, configurable hover tool, and pan/zoom for categorical plots
  • Improved and more robust crossfilter
  • AjaxDataSource for clients to stream data without a Bokeh server

In addition, many bugfixes and small features, both old and new — over 100 issues — were closed for this release! Additionally several new contributors helped out in a big way. Special thanks to Sarah Bird, Mathieu Drapeau, Samantha Hughes, and Nick Roth.