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from collections import OrderedDict

import pandas as pd

from bokeh._legacy_charts import Donut, show, output_file
from bokeh.sampledata.olympics2014 import data

# throw the data into a pandas data frame
df =['data'])

# filter by countries with at least one medal and sort
df = df[df[''] > 8]
df = df.sort("", ascending=False)

# get the countries and we group the data by medal type
countries = df.abbr.values.tolist()
gold = df[''].astype(float).values
silver = df['medals.silver'].astype(float).values
bronze = df['medals.bronze'].astype(float).values

# build a dict containing the grouped data
medals = OrderedDict()
medals['bronze'] = bronze
medals['silver'] = silver
medals['gold'] = gold

# any of the following commented are also valid Donut inputs
#medals = list(medals.values())
#medals = np.array(list(medals.values()))
#medals = pd.DataFrame(medals)


donut = Donut(medals, countries)