There is a TravisCI project configured to execute on every GitHub push, it can be viewed at: https://travis-ci.org/bokeh/bokeh.

To run the just the python unit tests, run the command:

$ python -c "import bokeh; bokeh.test()"

To run just the BokehJS unit tests, execute:

$ grunt test

in the bokehjs subdirectory of the source checkout.

Additionally, there are “examples tests” that check whether all the examples produce outputs. This script is in the examples directory and can be run by executing:

$ test -D

You can run all available tests (python and JS unit tests and example tests) from the top level directory by executing:

$ BOKEH_DEFAULT_NO_DEV=True nosetests


Currently this script does not support Windows.

To help the test script choose the appropriate test runner, there are some naming conventions that examples should adhere to. Non-IPython notebook example scripts that rely on the Bokeh server should have ‘server’ or ‘animate’ in their filenames.